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Does Man made Diamonds Make Real Ones Cheaper in Price?

First of all, diamonds will always be diamonds. There are not a lot of factors that can affect the price of diamonds negatively. Over the years, the price of this exceptional mineral has continued to climb with a rise in the inflation rate of the global economy. This means that over time, diamonds have served as incredible items of investment.

The presence of manmade diamonds has not affected that fact by any drastic measures. Natural or real diamonds are still relatively priceless jewels. This article will be focused on how these two types of diamonds affect each other (especially concerning their prices). But first of all, it is pertinent that we begin with an overview of what makes each of these two types of diamond unique.

Manmade Diamonds

Manmade diamonds could also be referred to as laboratory diamonds. These are diamonds which as their name implies originated from a laboratory. So instead of taking numerous years to form in the earth, these manmade diamonds are made by man in less time. However, be careful not to mistake manmade diamonds for synthetic diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds are those materials that are physically similar to diamonds. These could be used to substitute for diamonds on some occasions. But they are not diamonds in any way, not by a long shot.

Manmade diamonds are both physically and structurally similar to natural or real diamonds. These manmade diamonds have been put through appropriate heat and pressure in a laboratory to lead to their formations. So one could refer to them as diamonds in their own right. They are convenient as they do not require rigorous mining time.

Real Diamonds

Real diamonds are just another term for natural diamonds. These are diamonds that have passed through all the required processes leading to their formation in the belly of the earth. These diamonds take tens of years or even more to be completely formed. They are relatively rare and can be gotten from certain already known locations.

These real diamonds however are sometimes viewed as being unethical. This is because it is difficult to identify diamonds that have been used in furthering certain criminal acts such as slave trading. Hence, some people opt for the manmade option. Not because the manmade options are better, but because manmade diamonds are viewed as being more ethically appropriate.

Price Variations Between Real and Manmade Diamonds

Real diamonds as mentioned earlier are wonderful investment options. This is because, with the increasing incidence of inflation in the world’s economy, the prices of diamonds equally appreciate. This price increase equally reflects on the manmade diamonds. Manmade diamonds are most of the time from 20 percent to 40 percent less than natural diamonds in price.


Although some view natural diamonds as contaminated or “blood diamond”, the value does not change. Natural diamonds will always be more expensive than manmade diamonds. The manmade diamonds do have much or any effect on the price of the natural diamonds.

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