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Is It Possible for A Diamond Tester and Pen to Detect Lab-Created Diamonds?

You may have learned that there are a lot of ways to say whether a diamond is true or false. The issue is that most of these approaches are not 100% accurate. Using a diamond tester, though, is one of the best and easiest ways to verify whether you have the original diamond.

What’s a Diamond Tester?

The Diamond Tester is a portable gadget that can be carried in your pocket. The tester has a thin, needle-like tip that needs to be put on the stone to be tested. If the diamond is actual, it is indicated by the computer on its display or by a sound signal.

How the Diamond Tester Work

The theory of operation of Diamond Testers is based on the fact that different gemstones conduct heat differently. Heat is going to move through a diamond differently than through cubic zirconia or glass.

A diamond tester can detect the rate at which heat passes through the stone and tell you whether it is a real diamond.

Some testers use electrical conductivity to measure stones based on a similar concept, they use electricity instead of heat.

What are the diamond testers used for?

Diamond testers are always used by jewelers to verify the authenticity of diamonds.

When you bring in your diamond to sell it or swap it for another one, the jeweler will want to make sure the stone is genuine because it’s not always obvious.

Before fixing a piece of jewelry, it is also important for a jeweler to know what the stone in the setting is because different gemstones withstand heat, pressure, and stress differently.

How accurate are the diamond testers?

Diamond testers are one of the most reliable instruments to verify the authenticity of a diamond.

However, you should know that testers who rely on thermal conductivity can mislead moissanite to a diamond because these two stones are very similar in the way they heat.

 This dilemma is overcome by using a system that uses electrical conductivity to test stones and moissanite conduct electricity differently.

What’s a Good Diamond Tester?

If you have decided you would like to buy a diamond tester, you can look for some items.

Next, make sure that the system uses electrical conductivity to detect a moissanite diamond. The new models available on the market integrate heat and electricity testing with greater precision.

Another nice feature is having a metal detector that signals when you unintentionally hit a part of the metal setting instead of a stone.

If your tester does not recognize metal, it will mean that you carry a real diamond when you unknowingly touch the environment, even if the diamond itself is fake.



Yes, this diamond tester is capable of detecting the lab-created diamond. Unlike diamond simulants such as Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite, lab-created diamonds are tested positive by using a diamond tester. This is because, we’re going to repeat, they’re diamonds. According to both Frank Darling and FTC, the diamond is a diamond, whether it was made in a lab or not.

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