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What Will Be the Future of Real Diamonds After This Man-Made Diamonds?

The Diamond Producers Association has rebranded itself as the Natural Diamond Council to better represent its mission and understand the division of the jewelry industry with more lab-grown, man-made diamonds coming onto the market.

Established by seven leading diamond producers, including the De Beers Party, the Natural Diamond Council has an enhanced educational mandate to become the ultimate business-to-business and customer resource, digital and non-digital for all-natural diamonds.

Another main identity shift is the consumer tag line, from “Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond” to “Only Natural Diamonds.”

Members of the Natural Diamond Council

The Natural Diamond Council is made up of seven leading diamond producers worldwide, including AlRosa, DeBeers, Dominion, Lucara, Petra, Murowa Diamonds, and Rio Tinto.

The NDC represents our members’ mutual contribution to accountability, sustainable and responsible corporate practices, and environmental stewardship.


Are you planning to do some new ads to sell a new product and natural diamonds?

This fall and holiday, we’re going to unleash our maximum initiative, which will live on all channels.

Social networking will play an integral role in our approach, relying on channels on which our target demographic is already active.

It’s not just about making stunning and original content, but also about delivering and amplifying it optimally on each platform to drive interaction, as well as traffic to our website as we develop ourselves as a go-to digital destination for natural diamonds.

What is the state of the world’s diamond consumption?

As we return to the new normal, we see very promising signs and a return to luxury spending, especially in China, where most of the jewelry stores are re-opened and demand is growing.

There is a change, particularly among millennial and Gen Z consumers, who are looking for products that celebrate connections between people.

But now the Council has decided to announce a new term. Does timing matter to you?

We see the NDC rebrand as an opportunity to provide services and support to many struggling small businesses and family jewelers while giving trust to our industry.

We also collected data that indicates that luxury consumption will change away from experience and to goods that carry value as human connectivity has increased as the world undergoes a pandemic.

We assume that the future of diamonds is natural diamonds.

What are the next steps for the Diamond Natural Council?

The NDC will launch a Diamond Professional resource that includes engaging e-learning modules ranging from Diamonds 101 to Selling to Self-Purchasing and learning about the sustainability practices and commitments of the industry.

We will also provide daily webinars, in-store training, and a wide variety of bite-sized and easy-to-share educational content properties.

We want to demystify the process of purchasing diamond jewelry for the modern customer. It can be daunting and frustrating to distill a large amount of information.

We aim to be the first stop on a customer journey to include all the information 4Cs and beyond freshly and engagingly.

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