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Are man-made diamonds as hard as real diamonds?

The hardness of diamonds is a major characteristics that has even influenced their use for industrial purposes. It is so tough that it is used to cut through other materials like metals, plastics, woods and so on. Since lab created diamonds possess the same physical and optical properties as naturally mined diamonds, this has led many to wonder how tough it is.

Natural diamond hardness

But first, when you hear about hardness, it is in reference to the resistance of diamond against indentation. A diamonds hardness is dependent on its purity, orientation and its crystalline perfection. Comparing the hardness of both natural and artificial diamonds, you’ll observe that the degree of hardness for natural diamonds vary. This variation in toughness arises during its formation underground, where inclusions from impurities affects the type of crystals formed. In so doing, while some natural diamonds may be very hard and tough, others may not possess the same degree of hardness.

Man-made diamond hardness

How about man-made diamonds, what can be said about their hardness? Well, since these diamonds are created to have same optical, physical and chemicals properties as natural diamonds, they are also hard too. Infact, one method used in creating synthetic diamonds, known as the High pressure High Temperature method, even involves mimicking the natural environmental conditions of where natural diamonds are formed. In so doing, virtually all the properties of natural diamonds, including hardness, are found in synthetic diamonds.

As a matter of fact, it isn’t out of place if one considers the hardness of synthetic diamonds to be greater than natural diamonds. This is because unlike the degree of hardness variations in natural diamonds due to impurities, lab created diamonds are grown under a controlled environment. Its growth is supervised to ensure that perfect diamond crystals are formed, enhancing the gemstone’s hardness property.

One special thing of note with the lab grown diamonds is that when they are grown in a controlled environment, variations in hardness are minimized. So more diamonds are created very hard compared to those of naturally mined diamonds. They boast of a consistent degree of hardness. At present, there is no technology that scientifically proves that naturally mined diamonds are in anyway superior to synthetic diamonds. The reverse is even the case, as it is difficult for even an expert to tell the difference between the both with just his eyes.

Conclusion If you intend differentiating naturally mined diamonds from lab created diamonds using the level hardness, then you’ll be engaging in a fruitless endeavor. Man-made diamonds are as hard as synthetic diamonds, even displaying a level of consistency compared to naturally mined diamonds. As a result of their exhibiting same physical, chemical and optical properties, synthetic diamonds are used in several applications where natural diamonds are also in use. Except with the aid of an instrument, the difference between both is very difficult to tell just with the naked eyes. So if you were hesitant to purchase a lab grown diamond because you feared its hardness was inferior, well, be rest assured that you’ve got no worries.

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