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Are There Man-made Diamonds That Rival Even The Natural Diamonds?

Although there are claims especially from manufacturers of natural diamonds, that natural diamonds are more superior than man-made diamonds. The real fact is man-made diamonds can rival natural diamonds shoulder to shoulder.

Lab created diamonds has got the same sparkle, aesthetics and clarity as natural diamonds because the possess the same optical, physical and chemical properties. Man-made diamonds are also certified using the same parameters that are used by professionals to grade them.

If you’ve still got questions, don’t fret! You’re about to find out more about the determining parameters of a diamond’s quality and the possibility of expert gemmologist differentiating between both.

A Diamond’s Quality

The quality of a diamond for both a natural and man-made diamond, is examined using the four C’s, which represents colour, clarity, cut and carat-weight, as a benchmark. Let’s shed a little light on these:

Diamond Color: The value of a diamond appreciates when it is close to being colorless. Chemical impurities and structural characteristics are the causes of a diamond having colors like tones of yellow or brown.

They are assessed based on Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) grading scale. This is an alphabetical scale ranging from D to Z with Z being Yellow and D being a colorless diamond. This same scale is used to grade natural diamonds. Reports for lab-grown diamonds are done by International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Diamond Clarity: A measure of the level of imperfections a diamond has refers to its clarity. Regarding clarity, diamonds graded SI2 or better, will appear ‘eye clean’, even when examined without the aid of a jewelers loupe of 10x magnification. While for those rated below SI2, they have visible blemishes.

Diamond Cut: A diamond’s cut evaluates the skill of the artisan who plans, maps and hand cuts each diamond. For a well-cut diamond, it reflects light maximally, resulting in sparkling brilliance and fire.

The cut determines a diamond’s quality in terms of brilliance, scintillation and fire. It is a vital factor that’s responsible for regulating the effective rate at which the light that enters the diamond is refracted within it, and reflected outward to produce that glimmering effect.

Diamond Carat: The carat refers to the actual weight of the diamond. This particular ‘C’ has a great influence on the price. As the size of a diamond increases, so its price increases exponentially.

How can experts differentiate between both

Well, to burst your bubbles, even a well-trained expert can’t tell the difference between both with just his naked eyes. He’ll have to employ the use of special tools, like a jeweller’s loupe, to examine both of them before he can differentiate them.

Take away from this article: As you’ve discovered, man-made diamonds can rival natural diamonds in terms of quality, hardness and even coming at a less expensive rate. They’ve got same properties that even makes it difficult for a trained professional to distinguish between both by mere looking at them. Now you’re well informed, please come take a look at our treasury chest containing the best grades of lab created diamond jewelleries at lab diamond CVD.

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