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Is There Any Company That Makes Custom, Man-made Diamonds And Diamond Rings?

When it comes to rings, its not an item that’s got a single style and size that fits all. And really, many couples see it as a necessity to get a customized ring that suits their fashion style and taste. Making custom rings isn’t new but the big question is if it is possible to accomplish such a feat with man-made diamonds. Yes it is very possible to make custom man-made diamond rings.

In fact, to answer your question, there is a credible company that delivers astonishing custom man-made diamonds and diamond ring to meet their esteemed customers delight. Known as Lab Diamond CVD, an online retail outlet, we’ve got seasoned professionals that’ll expertly craft your desired diamond jewelry pieces. It is interesting to note that you’ll be greeted with an invitation to build your own ring, upon your first glance of the slide displayed on the homepage of Let’s shed light on the process involved in creating customized diamond rings.

How custom man-made diamond rings are made

Typically, here’s the process of creating customized man-made diamond rings below:

Step 1: Discussion: Our professionals will engage you in a detailed discussion. This interesting discussion will give everyone a clearer picture of what the end product will look like. They’ll strive to bring your once imagined precious diamond ring into reality.

Step 2: 3D illustration: The designer will at this point, create a computer generated image, that will illustrate all your dream ring’s features in a 360-degree presentation. As the 3D image of your envisioned diamond ring is formed, you’re permitted to effect any changes you deem necessary. So the final image will be what you so desire.

Step 3: Ring Formation: For this phase, the formations of your ring begins. Your preferred ring band of any metal of your choice is designed to accommodate whatever style of diamond setting you’ve chosen. After the band is formed, the lab grown diamond is expertly installed to actualize your desires. Finishing touches and polishing will be done to enhance its sparkle, making it stand out as unique, leaving onlookers in constant amazement.

Step 4: Delivery: As an online retail outlet, services are rendered to different parts of the world. So your desired piece of lab created diamond ring that has now come to fruition is boxed, packaged properly and shipped straight down to your doorstep. And guess what, shipping is free, no fee is charged.

Take away from this article: Opting for a readymade diamond jewelry doesn’t go well with some persons. They’ll prefer a custom man-made diamond ring that’s got their unique ideaa made to reality. Truly, it is a delight to behold and at Lab diamond CVD, our service leaves you with maximum satisfaction. No doubt, you’ve gained a better understanding about the processes involved in creating your desired piece. Be rest assured that at Lab Diamond CVD, we offer affordable custom services and you’re bound to get nothing but the best of quality.

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