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Who Makes The Best Diamond Tennis Bracelet And How Important Is The Quality?

The tennis bracelet is a sophisticated piece of jewelry that wraps around your wrist in an elegant fashion. It is so fanciful that it leaves a lot of admirers in awe as it complements your outfit astonishingly.

Lab Diamond CVD is the best retail outlet that makes topnotch diamond tennis bracelets. The bracelets are of the most premium quality that they’ve got great sparkling brilliance. Going through their beautiful treasury chest of diamond jewelry pieces, you’ll discover diamond tennis bracelets of varying sizes. Most persons prefer dawning a combination of these sizes which perfectly enhances their outfit to the extent that it is difficult to get passed by without noticing.

How important is the quality

Well, do you desire a stunning piece of diamond tennis bracelet that’ll last for a lifetime? If yes is your answer, then their quality should be of utmost importance to you. If not, you could experience a situation where the diamond begins to loose its sparkling brilliance or one that its metal band corrodes and breaks off completely. You could also experience a situation where the diamonds starts falling off easily. All these are as a result of its poor quality.

Tips for choosing a perfect diamond tennis bracelet

Considered below are four tips that can aid you in purchasing the diamond tennis bracelets of the best quality. They are:

1. The diamond’s quality: Purposefully choosing a diamond tennis bracelet that’s got low quality diamonds will disappointed as they’ll make the bracelet less impressive. Overtime, a poor quality diamond bracelet may start changing color. Going through their certificates will give you a clearer understanding of the grade of its color, cut, clarity and carat.

2. The band quality: If due to poor quality the band corrodes, it will not only break in the near future but will first create stains on the diamonds. So observe the quality of plating done to know if it will stand the test of time.

3. Length: To achieve that perfect fit on the wrist, the general rule aims for the bracelet to fall slightly toward the wrist after putting them on. So the standard length is about 18 cm, but 17 cm for women with narrow wrist and over 19 cm for those with broader wrist.

4. Bracelet clasps: Be vigilant as to the quality of clasps used, be it toggles, hooks and so on. It is vital to ensure that they’re capable of withstanding being caught accidentally by other materials, which is inevitable. Take away from this article: It is vital importance that all parts of a tennis bracelet, ranging from its diamonds, bands and clasps should be of the best quality. Lab Diamond CVD deals on only the best grades of tennis bracelets in varying length and sizes. You’ll never go wrong when you opt to purchase your custom diamond tennis bracelet from us, as we guarantee that they’ll be a lifelong partner as you grace those memorable occasions.

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