Lab Diamond CVD

Our Office:
New York,
Support Hotline:
+1 (551) 689-6514

About Us

Our Story

Lab Diamond CVD is a New York Based company and branch of Parent Company Jewels Queen INC US. We have been in Diamond & Jewelry trade Since past 20 years.

We sell-

Lab Diamond Company is constituted to provide – Sell best benchmark & quality loose Lab Diamonds: HPHT & CVD & its Jewelry.

 Sourcing & Buying synthetic Diamonds and differentiating them from Natural Diamond is tough and involves expertise. We have clear benchmarking & process to provide you best of Synthetic Diamonds & Jewelry at most competitive price.

Our Motto

Our company motto is to provide Best of Lab Grown Diamond & Jewelry with “Good Price, Good Service & Good Product.” Lab Diamond CVD wants to give you best buying experience to source the best quality Lab Created Diamonds and its jewelry at highly competitive price with Smiles.

Our Pledge

Mining & Extraction of natural Diamonds is fossil fuel process which damages our Mother Earth. Lab Diamond or Synthetic Diamonds are manufactured in laboratory. This helps us reduce our carbon footprints to the minimum vis a vie Mining. Lab grown are actually Conflict Free Diamonds as they don’t involve any kind of illegal trade or exploitation or war. They are not Blood Diamonds i.e they don’t cause any kind of Geo- Political conflict or cause any kind of blood shed; either in process of mining or Illegal Extractions – Selling. Lab Diamond Cvd believes in pledging the efforts of business to cause No Damage to our Mother Nature.

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