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Free Resizing

What does it mean to resize?

To resize means to change or alter the original size of a particular thing. For example, rings. Usually, when buyers purchase items from sellers, go home with it. After trying it on, they discover that the item they just purchased does not fit, returning it to the seller in other to swap the already purchased item for another is known as Resizing.

Many sellers and production companies have incorporated Resizing into their policy because many buyers, after spending much money on rings and other accessories, later discover that they got the wrong size for their partners. And as a result, there is a necessity for Resizing because disposing of the ring or other accessories will be too much of a loss to the buyer. So, Resizing allows works to the advantage of the buyer.


Can every already purchased products or goods be resized?

No, you can’t. Some sellers have a no return policy. This policy does not allow for Resizing. And in situations like that, the buyer needs to patiently and carefully purchase items to be sure that they have no cause for returning the goods. In-as-much-as some brands and their sellers do not allow for Resizing, some do. These companies that allow for Resizing also dictates whether or not the Resizing will be free or not.

Types of Resizing.

There are mainly two types of Resizing. They are;

  • Free Resizing and
  • Resizing with a particular sum


Free Resizing: this means that you will not pay a dime when Resizing. All you have to do is bring back the goods in the same condition it was when you purchased it.

Resizing with a particular sum: this is a type of Resizing which involves the payment of a particular sum of money before swapping the item you purchased prior. This is the opposite of free Resizing. This type of Resizing is rampant. So, if you do not desire to pay extra money when Resizing, do well to confirm from the seller or read up the company policy regarding Resizing. In that way, you can be convinced of how much you need to pay when resizing. And if you are not confident about the Resizing policy, you will know what’s best to do.


Is there a time-lapse for free Resizing diamond bracelets, or can I keep them and resize whenever I Please?

For every company that allows for free Resizing, there is a period in which the Resizing can be done. This includes lab diamond bracelets. You cannot keep the lab diamond bracelets for as long as you please because, after the time given for return and resizing elapses, the bracelet or any or lab diamond item can no longer be returned for free Resizing. For some companies, the period of free Resizing lasts for one month, while some might be up to a year. So be sure of that which applies to the company or product brand you want to purchase your rings and other accessories from.

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