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How to shop for lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are known by many names such as; cultured diamonds, human-made diamonds, synthetic diamonds, including many others. Regardless of what you name them, they certainly have created a wave in the diamond industry.

So, what are lab-grown diamonds? Simply put, these are diamonds grown in a lab. These labs make use of cutting-edge technology known as HPHT and CVD to replicate the natural processes that create diamonds found on the earth. The result is a diamond that is the same as a mined diamond chemically, physically, and optically.

How To Identify Lab-Grown Diamonds.

Whether a diamond is gotten from the earth or grown in a lab, the FTC chose this definition of a diamond as both diamonds grown in a lab and diamonds mined as having the same chemical, optical and physical features. This means that regardless of the source, crystallized carbon is a gemstone known as a diamond. Both share the same qualities and properties, such as the same Chemical Composition, the same Crystalline Structure, hardness, dispersion, and density and refractive index.

Unlike the eons of years it takes to create mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds typically take less than a month to grow. They have many benefits that add to their value and are equally as beautiful as diamonds found on the earth. But beauty isn’t the only thing that they have going for them. Lab-grown diamonds have many benefits that appeal to consumers, such as:

  1. They are Socially Responsible
    One of the significant benefits of lab-grown diamonds is that you know precisely where the diamond originated.
  2. They have Smaller Environmental Impact
    Mining for diamonds has a tremendous impact on the environment. Between 88,0000 and 176,000 pounds of dirt must be sifted through to find a single 1-carat diamond. While the diamond industry has pushed the false belief that diamonds are rare, we now know the truth. Diamonds are not rare. They have never been rare, and never will they be.
  3. They are More Affordable
    With lab-grown diamonds, you should be able to get a bigger stone or more significant quality based on your financial resources. This is because diamonds grown in the lab can be up to40% more affordable than conventionally mined diamonds of the same grade. Talk about value for money.
  4. Better Quality for the Price
    Lab-grown diamonds are made in a controlled environment. However, each diamond will differ in a quality similar to mined diamonds.

Should you shop for a lab-grown diamond?

The truth is, a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond will look similar, and you won’t be able to say what the difference since they’re identical in every way.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a lab-grown diamond is a personal one. If one loves the look of diamonds but is hesitant because mined diamonds don’t align with your values, a lab-grown diamond may be just the answer you’ve been searching for. These real diamonds are gradually becoming an accessible luxury that one can indulge in with peace of mind that you can’t get with mined diamonds.

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