Are you looking for a three stone lab created diamond ring that’s unique from the traditional typical solitaire engagement ring style? Are you a couple that intends to make a personal statement? If so, the three stone lab created diamond ring is your perfect option.

As the name implies, three diamond stones are set closely together. These three stones are symbolic and are said to represent the past, present, and future. Also known as trilogy ring style, it is a very versatile ring option.


Unique Features That Enhances Its Beauty

They do vary in sizes, shapes, and types of the gemstone used. For instance, some of it has got a larger sized diamond as its central diamond while having smaller diamond sizes within its flanks. For some others, all three lab-created diamond sizes are of equal sizes.

Also, to customize theirs to be exceptionally unique, some couples decide to incorporate precious gemstones along with the diamond. These other colored gemstones, like rubies or sapphires, are either used to flank the central diamond or used as the central gemstone.

This three stone diamond settings can be set on any precious metal that’s appealing to you. Metallic bands such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. A small smart tip that can influence your metal band choice is related to the color quality of the diamond. If you’re trying to cut costs and decide to opt for a lower color graded diamond, setting it on a yellow gold band will tend to enhance the brightness of the diamond.

To enhance the beauty of a three stone lab created diamond ring, it can be incorporated on a pave band design. Such a design pattern embeds tiny pieces of diamonds all around the metallic band. In so doing, a sophisticated brilliant light is reflected all-around your finger.

Another setting that ensures your finger is lit up in sparkling radiance is the channel setting. These pieces of diamonds are embedded around the thick metallic band through a channel created.

A three stone lab created diamond ring can be created with several diamond shapes. But the beauty is heightened more with Emerald cuts, Princess Cuts, Round Brilliants, Radiant cuts, and Cushion cuts.

One vital thing to keep in mind while combining gemstones to make up a three stone lab created diamond ring is to ensure the stones compliment each other. There shouldn’t be a clash of colors, shapes, or even sizes, as this could make it look awkward.



This ring style is both versatile and unique. With the three stones being symbolic, it grants couples the leisure of personalizing it to relate their story. So it’s not only lovely but also meaningful as well.

Usually, with mined diamonds, this ring style can be costly and beyond a couple’s budget. But opting for lab-grown diamonds means larger diamond sizes can be gotten at very affordable prices. not only ensures our clients are well informed, but we also have seasoned experts who’ll guide you through as we both achieve your desired engagement ring style.

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