Anniversaries are joyous occasions in the lives of happily married couples. Along with other benefits of this particular day, it serves to remind couples of how their love journey all started and, as a result, rekindle that sparkling love they once had at first. To emphasize how precious this moment means, many love birds decide to get an lab created diamond anniversary band. This glittering piece of jewelry, which is given on special wedding anniversaries, is used to reiterate their undying love to remain together forever. Some couples may decide to upgrade their bride’s engagement ring with this style of the lab created diamond anniversary band.

Although this is not a unique style of diamond setting per se, this ring style derives its name from the “eternal” presence of diamond decorated around the entire band of the ring.

Lab-created diamond anniversary bands are an ultimate symbol of everlasting love. The band of the ring is composed of diamonds that are connected forever. They can either have a channel, pave, French, prong bezel, or flush diamond settings. Regardless of the setting of diamond used, the eternity band seamlessly and perfectly fits any style.


Why Purchase Lab Diamond CVD Anniversary Band Ring

  • It delivers a sparkling reflective glimmer that sensationally circles your entire finger. This is possible because of the eternal presence of diamond all over the entire band of the ring
  • Pairs exceptionally well with other types of rings, and this includes both engagement rings and wedding bands.
  • You can pattern it to fit your style, ideals, and virtues. This is because it beautifully synchronizes with other ring settings such as bezel, channel, paves, prong, flush, and so on.
  • The band style is so efficient at securely holding smaller diamond sizes.
  • It adds personality and zest to your outfit. So it enhances your outlook to a classy one.
  • Opting for a lab-grown diamond rather than a mined diamond means you have successfully cut down on the cost of purchasing one. At an affordable price, you will be able to get a larger sized diamond and even get it customized to one that will suit your taste, style, and values.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are not blood diamonds but still have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties of mined diamonds. So you’ll not be marking your special occasion with a guilty conscience of indirectly sponsoring mining activities that have destroyed the lives of many.



lab created diamond anniversary band, which are given on special wedding anniversaries, are indeed a beauty to behold. Its sensational glimmer that glitters brilliantly all-around your finger is a symbol of the eternal love you share with your mate.

At, we not only offer perfectly one-time fit styles but also carefully craft customized eternity band diamond ring jewelry to fit our client’s style. You are sure of value for your money when you purchase any of our pieces because we only deal on the best of quality that’ll last a lifetime.

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