One of the most beautifully treasured moments in life is the day a mate replies, ‘yes I do’ to her precious lover. Such a memorable occasion is crowned by a fantastic piece of lab diamond engagement ring, which serves as a symbol of their professed love toward each other. Dawning that brilliant sparkling piece of jewelry is the cherry of that epic moment.

There’s plenty of advantages when you opt for a lab diamond engagement ring over a mined diamond ring. One of such is that you’ll be able to get a larger diamond size at an affordable price compared to mined diamonds. You can even have a customized ring done to one that will be most cherishing to your other half and still not exceed your budget.

However, with lots of designs and styles to choose from, familiarizing oneself will do a whole world of good. At least, your well informed, thoughtful selection of ring will be most appealing your other half, as it will be a reflection of your mate’s taste, style, and values. This article will take you through some fantastic engagement ring styles available.


Types of Engagement Ring Styles


Having only a single gemstone in its design, solitaire is the most classic engagement ring style. To showcase the brilliant glimmer of its diamond, the solitaire engagement ring style usually sets its diamond in a prong setting. Do you have a simple and elegant style? Then, know this ring style is best suits you. It does not go out of fashion.


For this engagement ring style, smaller diamonds are grouped in clusters to create the same sensational glittering effect as a larger diamond. They’re also called illusion rings and are available in designs such as a traditional or modern asymmetrical design.


This engagement ring style reflects more light and seems to make your finger glow. The technique used in its well thought out craft is to embed tiny diamonds into the ring’s band.


In imitation of its name, the metal of the shank and shoulders are designed to curve up to support the gemstone, resembling the arches of a cathedral. To spice things up, you may add a touch of Pave style for extra sparkle. Its design makes it a sophisticated piece of ring for engagement.



A trendy ring style that’s designed to use smaller pave-set diamonds to create a border or halo around the central diamond. This results in a more sparkling and brilliant central gemstone. It is an attractive way of making a modest stone look more massive.

Shank and Split-Shank

Altering the shank-the band of the ring is an excellent way of customing an engagement ring. A smaller split-shank is a subtle way of making the central diamond look larger. At the same time, a more massive split gives a ring an antique feel.



These are only but a few engagement ring styles as we also have Three-stone, double diamond, Bezel engagement ring style, and a whole lot more. is a treasury home of the best engagement ring that’ll suit your mate’s style, taste, and values. Our experts are willingly available to guide you through.

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